Charles Stuber

Professor Emeritus

Research: Formerly Director of NC State Plant Breeding Consortium, with research in quantitative genetics and DNA-based marker-assisted selection


Sustaining plant breeding-national workshop
Stuber, C. W., & Hancock, J. (2008), CROP SCIENCE, 48(1), 25–29.
Sustaining public plant breeding to meet future national needs
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QTL mapping with near-isogenic lines in maize
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Racial diversity of maize in Brazil and adjacent areas
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Isozyme and morphological variation in maize of five Andean countries
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Stability of QTLs involved in heterosis in maize when mapped under several stress conditions
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Isozymatic and morphological diversity in the races of maize of Mexico
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Isozymatic diversity in the races of maize of the Americas
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Variation among maize inbred lines and detection of quantitative trait loci for growth at low phosphorus and responsiveness to arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi
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Loci controlling resistance to high plains virus and wheat streak mosaic virus in a B73 x Mo17 population of maize
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Charles Stuber