Past Recorded Seminars

The seminars listed below are in reverse chronological order of most recent to past.

Instructor Topic Date
Professor R.B. Singh Indian Agriculture: Country Focus – Global Reach 9/26/2014
Dr. Leszek Rybaczyk Genes, Policy, and Grants – Why the Law Matters to Academia 2/19/2014
Dr Charles W Stuber FROM ISOZYME MARKERS TO GWAS 9/25/2013
Dr. Trudy Mackay Charting the Genotype-Phenotype Map: Lessons from Drosophila 2/20/2012
Dr. Marilyn Warburton Mapping of A. flavus and aflatoxin resistance factors in corn. 9/21/2012
Dr. Roger Boerma More Than a Good Variety: Georgia’s Integrated Systems Approach to Providing High Impact Varieties 7/23/2012
Dr. David Fischhoff Crop Improvement Through Biotechnology and Breeding 3/2/2011
Dr. William G Hill Understanding the Inheritance of Quantitative Traits: From Selection Experiments to GWAS 3/1/2011
Dr. P. Stephen Baenziger Understanding Grain Yield: It’s a Journey, Not a Destination 2/9/2011