Plant Breeding Club

The purpose of the plant breeding club is to promote awareness and participation in plant breeding research at NC State University. The plant breeding program at NCSU is an extensive interdepartmental program encompassing students in four departments: Crop and Soil Science, Horticultural Science, Forestry, and Plant Pathology. These departments are based around traditional commodity groupings, and as such do not encompass all the educational or professional needs of their plant breeding students. The plant breeding club shall provide for the professional needs of plant breeding students throughout NCSU as requested by its members and as possible with available resources. The plant breeding club will particularly aid in the development of networking opportunities and professional skills required by commercial and academic institutions generally not obtained in classroom settings. Activities may be suggested by any club member and shall be considered by the executive committee for approval.


Register to join the International Plant Breeding seminar Thursday at 11:00 am EST and watch @NagoyaUniv Professor Motoyuki Ashikari present "Rice breeding for Africa by using useful agricultural trait genes” @NCStateHort @CropAndSoil @NCStateCALS #rice

Register and join the International Plant Breeding Seminar Series at 11:00 am for Dr. Stephen Smith's presentation "Estimating the Global Usage of Corn Belt Dent Germplasm: Implications for the Sustainable Use of Maize Genetic Resources"

“Rockstar Rockstad” does it again! Congrats to MS student @gretarockstad on being the 2021 recipient of the Foil W. McLaughlin Research Fellowship 🥳🍾🥂 We’re so proud of you! @NAPB_GSWG @NCStatePBCgsa @WomeninTurf @WomenAgScience

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2021 – 2022 Officers

Grant Billings

Plant Breeding Club Secretary

James Duduit

Plant Breeding Club Vice President

Nico Lara

Plant Breeding Club President


Mark Watson

Plant Breeding Club Treasurer