Plant Breeding Lectures

Masters of Science

Plant Breeding for Masters of Science Students

An advanced study of methods of plant breeding as related to principles and concepts of inheritance. Directed towards second year Master of Science and beginning doctoral students. Prerequisites include an undergraduate course in plant breeding, two semesters of applied statistics and some background in Mendelian and quantitative genetics. The course will familiarize you with routine plant breeding procedures in self- and cross-pollinated field crops, but the emphasis is on understanding how the actions taken by the breeder relate to fundamental genetic, biological and statistical principles. The course content is built around the concepts and principles drawn upon daily by an applied plant breeder. The course is designed to help you gain an understanding of how applied plant breeders think, why they think in a particular fashion, and how to communicate with them.

  • Instructors: Paul Murphy, Jeff Dunne, Justin Ma, Tom Isleib, Jim Holland, and Martin Sarinelli.
  • Lecture Notes: The Apple Never Falls Far From the Tree. 328pp.
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Lecture 1 – Plant Transformation

  • Instructor: Dr. Ron Qu

Doctor of Philosophy

Lecture 1  –   QTL Mapping Demonstration

  • Instructor: Dr Jim Holland