Plant Breeding for Master of Science Students

Lecture /
Lecture 1-Introduction and Historical Perspective 1Murphy
Lecture 2-Historical Perspective 2 Murphy
Lecture 3-Historical Perspective 3/ Choice of Parental Germplasm Murphy
Lecture 4-Choice of Parental Germplasm / Plant Breeding Terminology and Symbols.
View Plant Breeding Terminology video from class.
Lecture 5-Follow that Allele / Multiple Loci.
View Allele video presented in class.
Homework 1*A clichéd an erratic play in 11 acts. 
Lecture 6 –Multiple Loci / Composition of an Open Pollinated Population.Murphy
Lecture 7- Linkage / Association MappingMurphy/Mulkey
Lecture 8-Association Mapping / InbreedingMulkey/Murphy
Lecture 9-InbreedingMurphy
Lecture 10-Introduction to Quantitative Genetics.
The Center Cannot Hold video from class.
Lecture 11Introduction to Quantitative Genetics.
View the Average Effects video from class.
Lecture 12-Introduction to Quantitative Genetics.
Quantitative Genetic Issues — Additive and Dominance Variances video better viewed here.
Lecture 13-Variance Changes on Inbreeding
Changes in Genetic Variances in a Inbreeding Nursery Video better viewed here.
Homework 2Bray – a clichéd ‘who-done-it’ involving romance and quantitative genetics. 
Lecture 14-EpistasisMurphy
Lecture 15-Epistasis / Analysis of VarianceMurphy/Dunne
Lecture 16-Analysis of VarianceDunne/Ma
Lecture 17-Analysis of VarianceMa
Lecture 18-Measuring Quantitative VariationMurphy
Lecture 19-Mating Designs and Diallel AnalysisMurphy
Lecture 20-Heritability
The video shown in class, Heritability 1, is better viewed here.
Lecture 21-Heritability / Genotype X Environment InteractionMurphy
Lecture 22-Genotype X Environment InteractionMurphy
Lecture 23-Genotype X Environment Interaction / Pedigree MethodMurphy
Lecture 24-Pedigree MethodMurphy
Lecture 25-Backcross Breeding MethodIsleib
Lecture 26-Single Seed Descent MethodMurphy
Lecture 27-Doubled Haploid Method / Early Generation TestingMurphy
Lecture 28-Early Generation Testing / Mass Selection MethodMurphy
Lecture 29-Linkage MappingHolland
Lecture 30-QTL MappingHolland
Lecture 31-Association Analysis / Marker Assisted BackcrossingHolland
Lecture 32-Marker Assisted Selection and Genomic SelectionHolland
Lecture 33-Genomic SelectionMa
Lecture 34-Inbred line development and Hybrid Cultivar ProductionSarinelli
Lecture 35-Inbred line development and Hybrid Cultivar ProductionSarinelli
Lecture 36-Inbred line development and Hybrid Cultivar ProductionSarinelli
Lecture 37-Mass Selection / Bulk SelectionMurphy
Lecture 38-Bulk Selection / Recurrent SelectionMurphy
Lecture 39-Recurrent SelectionMurphy
Lecture 40-Discussion with cultivar developersMilla-Lewis, Fraser, Gilsinger