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NC State Plant Breeding Consortium engages in solving world challenges and exploring opportunities in the plant sciences; crop production, processing, and nutritional quality.

Plant breeding is at the core of improving agriculture production, food and materials production, and enabling environmental sustainability.  Germplasm, technology, and information generated by faculty in NC State University‚Äôs Plant Breeding Consortium have the potential to improve lives globally.  We work in a diversity of crops, targeting a broad range of growing conditions and crop uses in an environment of open global collaboration and productive synergies.

We are always looking for partners who want to be part of our endeavor and contribute to solving pressing problems and addressing unexplored opportunities in the crop, food, and materials produced worldwide.

We are training future generations of plant breeders who will help make this world a better place, through science, technology, leadership, and compassion. Our international graduate student base are our global ambassadors. We invite you to look at what our Wolf Pack is doing for the world.

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