Yang Bian

Former Graduate

  • Degree Program: Ph.D., Crop Science (Plant Genetics and Breeding)
  • Previous Degrees: M.S., Advanced Analytics, NC State University; M.S., Horticultural Science, NC State University; B.S., Horticultural Science, Huazhong Agricultural University
  • Advisor: Dr. Jim Holland
  • Completion Date: Spring 2016


(1) re-analyze of genetic resistance to southern leaf blight in maize Nested Association Mapping panel using updated genetic and haplotype maps, and measure influence of input changes on the current two-stage joint linkage-association analysis in NAM panel, (2) predict quantitative traits using genome-wide polymorphism information via linear and non-linear models, (3) evaluate linkage disequilibrium structure in maize NAM panel and other mating designs to assess GWAS resolution, and (4) Study the genetic basis of unstable dominance at the Gametophyte factor 1 allele from tropical inbred NC296.

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