Susmita Gaire

Plant Breeding Club Treasurer

  • Degree program: Ph.D. Turfgrass Breeding and Genetics; Crop Science program
  • Previous degrees: M.S. Horticultural Sciences, University of Florida; B.Sc. Ag, Agriculture and Forestry University, Nepal.
  • Current advisor: Dr. Susana Milla- Lewis
  • Expected completion date: 2025


Susmita’s current research focuses on the genetics of freeze tolerance in St. Augustine grass. Her work will involve QTL validation, RNA-sequencing, and physiological experiment to pinpoint specific genes that have a role in cold acclimation and freeze tolerance in St. Augustine grass. With all this information, she aims to improve freeze tolerance in St. Augustine grass and speed the turfgrass breeding efforts using marker-assisted selection.

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Susmita Gaire