Emma Flemmig

Former Graduate

  • Degree Program: M.S., Crop Science
  • Previous Degree: B.S., Agronomy and Biology, Iowa State University
  • Advisors: Dr. Gina Brown-Guedira and Dr. David Marshall
  • Completion Date: Summer 2012


Sources of resistance to wheat rust, genes Sr2, Sr22, Sr36, and Sr40, have been introgressed into wheat germplasm from other Triticum species. Each of these genes is in repulsion linkage with another important wheat disease resistance (R) gene due to the alien chromatin introgressions. My objective is to identify recombination events between these Sr and R gene pairs to link the two resistance traits together. I will also work on mapping a new source of resistance to the race TTKS (Ug99) of wheat rust, potentially identifying a new Sr gene.

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