David Eickholt

Former Graduate

  • Degree Program: Ph.D., Crop Science
  • Previous Degrees: M.S., Crop Science- Plant Breeding, North Carolina State University; B.S., Agronomy-Advanced Study Option, Michigan State University//li>
  • Advisor: Dr. Thomas Carter
  • Completion Date: December 2016


  • ¬†Development and evaluation of heterogeneous inbred families (HIFs) for novel genetic regions affecting soybean yield and overall protein.
  • Determining the agronomic and genetic consequences of early-generation phenotypic selection in wild (x) domesticated soybean crosses.
  • Investigating the efficacy and stability of exotic genetic regions affecting yield when transferred across soybean maturity groups.
  • Evaluating the genetic architecture and agronomic performance of a set of breeding lines developed from a wild (x) domesticated soybean cross.

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