Binbin Zhou

Former Graduate

  • Degree Program: Ph.D., Crop Science
  • Previous Degrees: B.S., Applied Biological Science, Zhejiang University
  • Advisor: Dr. Rongda Qu
  • Completion Date: Summer 2014


The goal is to improve the pathogen resistance of turfgrass, especially for gray leaf spot and brown patch. We are interested in introducing foreign genes that are related to fungi resistance into the Tall fescue, with the method of Agrobaterium Mediated Transformation, during they are in the stage of immature callus. Brown patch and gray leaf spot are two main diseases for growing tall fescue, and the resistance for the gray leaf spot has already in control the lab experiment by introducing some foreign gene into the callus, while brown patch is still a big problem, so now we are more focused on improving its resistance to brown patch.

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