Abigail Dexter-Boone

Former Graduate

  • Degree Program: MS in Crop Science
  • Previous Degrees: BS in Plant Biology from NC State
  • Advisor: Dr. Ramsey Lewis
  • Completion Date: May 2018


Description of Research Project: Project 1 involves evaluating whether the level of F1 yield heterosis in tobacco can predict the biparental cross combinations most likely to produce transgressive segregates. If we do find a positive association between heterosis in the F1 and superior performance of derived lines, breeding programs would be able to make a large number of crosses, test them at the F1 stage, and then devote resources to the cross combinations most likely to yield successful lines. Project 2 involves finding new sources of low nicotine production within the Nicotiana germplasm collection in order to develop low nicotine/high quality tobacco cultivars that will meet reduced nicotine goals for tobacco products set by the World Health Organization. Project 3 involves identifying genes associated with parthenocarpy in tobacco. This is when a fruit is formed in the absence of fertilization, and is of interest in other crops, specifically horticultural crops that desire seedless fruit production.