NAPB Borlaug Scholars Announcement: Seeking the most promising students in plant breeding

Dear Faculty members,

Borlaug Scholars Communication 2
Jan 2022

The National Association of Plant Breeders (NAPB) Borlaug Scholars Program strengthens the plant breeding profession by helping support the attendance of future leaders at the NAPB Annual Meeting. We are seeking for your help to identify the most promising students that are in upper-level undergraduate and advanced graduate levels at universities in the United States. Our aim is to develop the next generation of plant breeding leaders! Please help us by following these three easy steps:

1)      Identify students in your class or that are part of the plant breeding program at your university. The eligibility criteria for the NAPB Borlaug Scholars selection can be found using the QR code links in the attached communication.

2)      Please take this short survey This will provide us with the necessary information to reach out those students and encourage them to apply.

3)     Refer students you selected as promising candidates to the QR code links. These links will bring them directly to our website.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

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With kindest regards,

Ana María Heilman

Senior Big Data Pipeline Manager
Department of Plant Sciences
Tel:              701-231-6702